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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 11, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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towards that dream, starting an internship with the oakland fire department on monday, the day before he was killed, a teen who caught the eye of the fire chief. >> he was a really kind kid with a nice spirit. i remember the question being asked, you know, who wants to be a firefighter? and he just raised his hand with such enthusiasm. >> reporter: right now, relatives have come to this apartment complex to support his mother. they do have a crime stoppers reward of up to 10,000 for any information that leads to an arrest. live in oakland tonight, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. police are looking for two suspects in a bus stop shooting late last night. the victim had just gotten off the bus at 15th street when he was confronted by two men. the victim was flown to the hospital and listed in stable condition. today was the hottest day of the year so far with
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temperatures topping 100 degrees in several bay area cities. we have team coverage. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the heat. first we go to patti who is live. looks like she decided to join thousands of others trying to cool off. >> reporter: a lot of extreme hydration measures going on out here, frank, today. an estimated 4,000 people came here to water world california to beat the heat. but as you're about to see, not everyone around the county was as lucky. cleaning up the boulevard is hard, dirty work, even more so on one of the hottest days of the year. >> i'm doing this because -- just community service. >> reporter: he admits he may not be fully prepared for today's triple-digit temperatures. >> i did not know it was going to be this heat. >> reporter: he has sunglasses and water but no hat and no sunscreen. >> i did not come prepared,
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that's for sure. >> reporter: this lafayette city worker, six years on the job, says he's keeping an eye on his charge and his crew. workers say the two ten-minute breaks will likely stretch a few minutes so there's time to cool down in the shade. a few miles away, sun lovers of the four-legged, short-legged and bare-legged variety seem to relish the summer heat wave. >> i'm happy to be in the sun. >> reporter: for many, today's combination of light breezes and low humidity made the high temperatures very bearable. >> about 15 minutes of sunshine is a good thing, but 100 degree weather might be tough on the elderly. >> reporter: lifeguards are on the lookout for people with signs of heat exhaustion here. kids and adults are in the water. they feel cool and may not drink as much water as they need. but so far there have not been any calls for help. reporting live in concord,
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patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and did you hear patti say it is the hottest day of the season? by far! we're getting some reports of 105 degrees, even more, maybe 107, an unofficial report from the livermore valley. that's the fog behind me, stuck at the golden gate bridge. see that tower? it's just over 700 feet high. that tower, and you can see it from the distance here, the fog is just at those towers, which means it's not cooling the inland valleys. it's 102 in fairfield, the official number. livermore, 103. it is hot out there! the fog is going to switch around here pretty soon, and when it does, major cooling. i'll have all the details on the cooling trend coming your way and we'll talk more about how hot it got today. see you back here in just a little bit. the heat is being blamed for a bizarre incident that
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damaged a house in sacramento. a large oak tree split down the middle and crashed into the roof. it may have fallen victim to summer branch drought. and a reminder, you can always get weather updates by going to and clicking on the links at the top of the page. it was an unusual site today on the peninsula as a way ward dolphin traveled up a creek. it swam in the creek. the san francisco international airports experts are following this dolphin. they say it appears to be healthy and that it should find its own way back to the ocean. a string of suspicious fires has investigators on alert. >> reporter: well, a lot of activity going on in this area
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of san jose, both in terms of the large number of suspicious fires here in this park and by the different agencies and homeowners trying to figure out who is responsible. another suspicious fire broke out today at this section of kelley park in san jose. at around 7:30 this morning, a crew was able to squash the fire before it spread. >> any time you see fire, you say whoa, especially when it's so close by. >> reporter: today's blaze follows three fires that burned more than 12 acres here last night. >> and the fact that it's three different areas leads us to believe it's intentionally set. >> reporter: fire investigators say there was another fire here yesterday afternoon as well as monday. in all, seven fires have occurred here in the past month. the areas used by hikers and there are also several homeless encampments. the homeless are upset and -- homeowners are upset and want the city to do thing about it.
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>> right outside the fence line is the orchard and it's dry brush. it's a huge threat. >> there's somebody setting these fires. it can't be -- you know, they're not setting themselves. somebody is setting these. >> reporter: the fire department, along with several agencies, are investigating. one thing they're looking at is how the homeless camps might be involved. coming up at 6, more on that, including hearing from the homeless. live in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. we have new details tonight in the william lynch priest beating case. the district attorney's office said today they're not going to refile assault charges against lynch. last week, a jury cleared lynch of two felony charges but deadlocked over a misdemeanor charge. lynch was charged with beating an elderly priest for allegedly molesting him and his brothers when they were boys. the d.a. is now considering perjury
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charges against the priest, jerold lindner, for testifying that he did not abuse the boys. a pot of oil left on the stove appears to cause a three- alarm fire that pretty much destroyed a home in san jose this morning. the fire started at the 1,000 block of andrea way. a smoke detector woke up the four people inside and they were able to get out safely. the homeowner was away but his two sons and two of their friends were all in the house. >> watching it burn, how fast it spread. at first, when we got out, it didn't seem like it was going to destroy the house and then it did. >> firefighters were able to protect neighboring homes but they say the home that burned was a total loss. >> berkeley city council, today opponents vowed to fight the law. >> city council members and
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homeless activists were right on the steps of city hall. they called the city council's vote -- the council approved the ballot measure to ban lying on downtown sidewalks. some say it targets the homeless. >> let's work together as a community to try to address the real causes of homelessness rather than putting forth this knee-jerk political employ. >> councilman chris worthington is exploring a legal challenge to last night's vote, claiming the procedures may have been violated. we called mayor tom bates for a response but we were told he is out of town. sheriff's deputies have confiscated $2 million worth of marijuana. they provided these pictures of the raid. investigators still haven't found the people who were actually growing the plants. a deputy patrolling by helicopter spotted the pot
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formulate last month. the people who own the largest medical marijuana facility say federal employees are trying to shut it down. they found notices threatening seizure of the property both for that dispensary and a sister shop in san jose. the center has been in operation since 2006 and is legal under california law but illegal under federal law. the federal threat is part of a statewide crackdown that began last year. the civil year for han riser for killing his wife began today. her mother filed a wrongful death civil suit on behalf of his children, who now live with her in russia. riser is defending himself and became emotional during some of the testimony. a body found in san francisco's golden gate park on sunday has been identified as 55-year-old david borrowy. investigators say his death is suspicious but they haven't
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said why or how he died. just this week, the police chief told supervisors that they have plans to improve lighting which will help improve safety. the truck that spilt sand on the lower deck of the bay bridge was never found today. the california highway patrol says the spill was reported about 6:30 this morning. the driver didn't stop and it turns out he may not even have known that he lost some of his load. sweepers were called to clean up the mess and traffic was back to normal by about 8:00. first it was stockton, then mammoth lakes. now a third california city is seeking bankruptcy protection. the san bernardino city council voted to declare chapter 9 bankruptcy. they say the city is 46 million in the hole. city leaders are worried they won't be able to pay employees through the summer.
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there's that old phrase, where there's smoke, there's fire. here, you can't see the fire, but you sure can see smoke. and another northern california city following the lead of the bay area. the city that is banning a common item you find at the store. it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty second, for crying out loud! we know how long a minute is. [ sighs ] sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability, and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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happening right now, fire crews battling a wildfire that broke out near colfax. the fire is burning near shirttail canyon road. it has burned 70 acres so far and some homes have been evacuated but there's no word that buildings have been burned or that anyone has been injured. a fire burning in the mendocino national forest continues to grow, and smoke from the so-called mill fire has now seeped into the city of ukiah. how all that smoke is affecting the firefighting efforts. ken? >> reporter: frank, if you look
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back at the mountains here behind me, you can see the haze. about 20 miles away is the mill fire. we are here at the ukiah air attack base. this plane in front of you, this plane, actually 20 minutes ago, just returned from fighting a fire. but at one time, this heavy smoke did ground these planes. >> reporter: the mill fire is burning on national forest land. since saturday, it's cleared 16,000 acres. while it's burning in a remote area, people downwind in ukiah are living with the smoke. >> the smoke has been here a couple of days. a little thicker yesterday, but it still attars the light and gives you the strange sensation. and you can taste it a little bit. >> reporter: for the most part, the smoke is overhead, like cloud cover or fog above the town. >> it's just kind of weird. it's just foggy. and in lake county, when the sun comes up in the morning, it's just a big orange ball. >> reporter: a breeze cleared
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out some of the smoke today. yesterday, the visibility was less than a mile. >> it actually put us out of service for the rest of the state for about an hour yesterday. >> reporter: today, the cal fire planes flew a mission to another fire. as for the mill fire, from ukiah, you would be able to see a large, distant column of smoke if it were not for the smoke. >> as long as it stays there, they can fight it there all they want. i care not to have it over here. >> reporter: the smoke from this fire tends to settle and linger in these valleys and several isolated pockets have health advisories into place and the smoke may be here for a few more days as the mill fire is only 35% contained. ktvu channel 2 news. and the colusa fire burning near maxwell is now 70% contained. that's after it doubled in size on monday. more than a thousand firefighters are battling the fire that originally began as
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five separate fires. crews hope to have the fire under control by this weekend. so far, it's burned more than 4,000 acres. as for the cause, that's still under investigation. the california department of fish and game has ended its search for a mountain lion that attacked a camper near nevada city. the attack happened ten days ago as the 63-year-old victim slept along shady creek. trackers used dogs to search for the mountain lion. they also put cameras out but no sign of the big cat has shown up since. the city council approved sweeping new rules that banned stores from selling or even providing plastic bags. they must charge customers ten cents for each paper bag. the council is expected to take a routine final vote in two weeks. someone headed to a meeting
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in san francisco had a little trouble finding the driveway today. he turned right into a stairwell at the metropolitan transportation commission and as you see there, ended up on a flight of concrete stairs. workers had to divert folks away from the steps until a tow truck could pull the car free. proposed cuts to food stamp programs are pitting house members against each other. they have approved a plan to chop 16.5 billion from the food stamp program. republicans want to make it more difficult to qualify. democrats say the cuts will affect hundreds of thousands of families, including kids in free lunch programs. >> it makes no economic sense and no moral sense to cut 16 billion from the food stamp program. we should reject these heartless cuts on the poor and get back to creating the jobs and opportunities for everyone. >> senate democrats are promising to restore most of
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the cut funding. the federal reserve is expressing more concerns about the economy. in minutes from last month's meeting, fed leaders said things could get worse if congress doesn't stop across- the-board spending cuts. they shifted the bond portfolio to promote lower interest rates. let's talk more about our weather, because, boy, it was hot today. not only over 100 in some spots but maybe up to 105 and beyond. >> livermore had 107 at 3:30 this afternoon. the weather service official numbers will be on here at my next hit at 5:45. but for the most part, the hottest day of the season by far. the fog along the coast, it's right along the coast. yesterday we mentioned we're going to get a 40-degree speed
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between pacific and live -- spread between pacific and livermore. we're looking at perhaps a 50- degree spread from coast to inland. that's huge! that does not happen in many places in the world. a couple places, you know, in chile and places in south america. but this is an unusual climate that we have where you can have a 50-degree spread between coast and inland. tomorrow morning, the fog is back along the coast. it's dense. it was this morning. it's hard to see through. so along the coast, it's just stuck there. that's why the temperature is so cool. you walk three blocks east, it heats up and you get out of the fog. tomorrow, you know the east bay valleys and the south bay valleys, that is where the worst air quality will be tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow are going to trend down a few degrees. we're going to see temperatures drop five to ten degrees. will we see a 100-degree
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reading? probably. but cities are coming down so we'll lose a good five, ten degrees tomorrow. the forecast for fog, we'll see a little more of it tomorrow. then you see this bite of cooler air. that's much more cooler air than we saw today. you're looking at 90's, sure, but still it's cooler than 100 degrees. so we'll get specific with your forecast coming up. the high pressure that has shifted west has been responsible for this heating, and today most likely the hottest day. temperatures tomorrow trend down, especially the bay and coast. definitely another hot day tomorrow. overnight lows tonight are going to be on the mild side. low 50's, mid 60's. today is the hottest day of the season by far. tomorrow will be pretty darn hot but the trend is for cooler weather. when i come back, i've got the official national weather service numbers, the highs from today, and we'll look for records. i'll let you know what you can
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expect as we go into the weekend as well. a frightening situation in the midwest. a massive train derailment and what made the situation even carrier is what three of the cars that derailed were carrying. two reasons apco is facing or launching so many cases. a san francisco dry cleaner closes for weeks with no notice and no way for customers to get their clothes. we did some digging. what we found out. who says there's no such thing as a free ride? the push today to make it happen and who qualifies for the perk. new computers, is it enough to keep kids out of trouble? >> a better service. that's really what our services are about. >> who is bending over backwards for teens. tonight at 6. deliciousness tonight. me dinnertime subway. eat fresh.
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thank you, nana send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward and chase what matters. a train derailment early this morning touched off a fire that lit up the sky in
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columbus, ohio. eleven of the 98 cars went off the track. three were tankers carrying ethanol. by daylight holes were visible in the tops of the tanker cars. no one was seriously injured. silicon valley consultants say apple is involved in 60% of the patent lawsuits involving mobile technology. the companies is a prime target because of its market share and its huge amount of cash. but it's not just lawsuits against apple we're talking about. apple is very busy chasing down its own patent rights in court. they say the situation is unlikely to change as long as apple maintains its dominant position in the market. house republicans pushed for a repeal of president obama's health care law. >> on this vote, the yeas are 244. the theys are 145. the bill is passed.
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>> the vote fell mostly along party lines, however five democrats did break ranks in trying to repeal the health care act. the vote came after an acrimonious and partisan debate. >> we are after patient- centered care. we are after affordable care. and we are trying to improve and enlarge the access to care. obamacare fails on all those fronts. >> they're taking away patient protections from millions of americans, protections you as a member of congress already enjoy. >> but today's repeal of the health care law was all but doomed. the democrat-controlled senate is expected to kill the bill. but one republican congressman hinted that the election may be the final forum on health care. he says voters will get the last word in november. and coming up at 5:45, new
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information that could affect three out of every four women. the one simple change you can make to reduce the symptoms of menopause. it's been sweltering in washington. but that's not why young women were wearing bikinis at the capitol city. women wearing bikinis made of lettuce. they were joined by men. the pro-vegetarian stunt was organized by peta. >> i didn't come here like because the outfits. i kind of like wanted hot dogs, because we were really hungry. >> peta holds this cookout every year in response to the meat industry's national hot dog month. the homeowners bill of rights, still ahead.
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5. homeowners in the bay area and throughout california have been hit especially hard by forecasts. but now some real help is on the way. today, california made history as the first state to formally adopt a sweeping homeowners bill of rights. our consumer reporter was there for the signing and is live now from san rafael where a protest is planned at a wells fargo bank there. tom? >> reporter: so far, that planned protest hasn't materialized, and this may be the reason why. the governor signed the homeowners bill of rights in san francisco. >> 8 or 9 trillion of wealth has been destroyed in america, at least a trillion in
5:30 pm
california. >> we're done. we're done with robo signing. we're done with false promises. we're done with the runaround. >> reporter: community groups that fought for the homeowners bill of rights feel vindicated. >> it was one of those places where david beat goliath. and they were fighting it for years. >> reporter: the law forbids foreclosures until lenders make an effort to modify the loans. and no more endless resubmission of the same documents. and the documents must not be signed by robots. >> what makes this law historic is the fact that it does have an incredible amount of teeth in terms of the enforcement piece. >> reporter: other important provisions include requiring
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that banks maintain foreclosed properties to avoid neighborhood blight. the ability of the attorney general to enforce this law is enhanced. >> it's not the end. we'll keep working. >> reporter: and this law becomes fully effective next year. ktvu channel 2 news. tuition could go up as much as 20% if voters reject governor brown's tax increase. it would take effect in january. the state budget that passed last month includes incentives for the uc and cal state university system not to raise tuition. new information now about a person found shot to death in the back of a car in east oakland. police have identified the 20- year-old victim as joel pervo jr. they say he was one of three people sheltering a street fight on 82nd avenue. they say someone may have been
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driving to the hospital when they abandoned the car there. the victims are expected to recover. there is a $20,000 reward for information in this case. authorities in sonoma county say an accidental shooting -- a friend called 911 after a 25-year-old shot himself in the thigh with a pistol that he was cleaning. detectives who went to investigate found a large pot- growing operation both inside and outside of the building on that property. for the first time in u.s. olympic history, there will be more female athletes competing than men. the 530-member team is comprised of 269 women and 261 men. the u.s. olympic committee attributes the greater number of female athletes to title 9, which, in its 40-year history, has increased sports opportunities for millions of
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women in the united states. the summer games begin july 27. a new super pac debuted today. the new team l-pac was launched today to help support pro- lesbian candidates. the super pac vows to back any candidate who supports lesbians, whether those candidates are male, female, democrat or republican. team l-pac hopes to raise $1 million for the 2012 elections. mitt romney got a chilly reception and a course of booze today. romney addressed a touchy subject where he talked about president obama's health care reform act. he said the law would cost american jobs because employers would not be able to afford to hire more workers. romney promised to repeal the act, but the audience clearly
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disagreed. >> i'm going to eliminate every non-essential expensive program i can find. that includes obamacare, and i'm going to work to reform and save -- [ booing ] >> romney said he would replace the health care reform act with another program which he claims would lower costs. only on 2, an exclusive poll shows an overwhelming majority of californias are unhappy with the job performance of the u.s. congress. 74% of california voters disapprove of the job the u.s. congress is doing. 17% approve. 9% say they have no opinion. it's's been since december of 2001 when 57% of californians approved of congress's job performance. in one bay area city, there are no longer any pet owners. the new term that will now be used to describe someone who has pets. with long lines like this,
5:35 pm
there better be something good in sight. what's happening in san diego that's drawing people from all around the country.
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we have a late development in the case of suspended san francisco sheriff. just about 30 minutes ago, the mayor of san francisco sent us a statement. he said that karime should lose
5:38 pm
his job because of his domestic violence case. he said enough is enough. the time has come for him to begin dealing with it. he goes on to say his conviction and his probation impair his ability to perform the duties of sheriff. the ethics commission has been asked to call four people to testify to support claims the mayor perjured himself before the commission. mayor lee says he was truthful in his testimony. north korea is apparently embracing some american-style entertainment. they released this video of its leader, kim jong at a recent concert. the concert also featured disney characters and the song
5:39 pm
song "my way." the term guardian denotes a higher level of responsibility, caring and respect towards animals. san francisco, san jose, along with marin also use the term guardian for pet owners. fans have been lined up for days now waiting for the annual convention for comic book enthusiasts. tonight, there's a preview of an exhibit hall. roberta curry and seven of her friends started camping out last sunday morning so they could see the stars of the twilight saga. >> we really wanted to be able to see the actors up close and personal and not looking at a screen. >> this years event will also feature a zombieland. a federal judge extended a
5:40 pm
temporary restraining order against a mississippi law that would close the state's only abortion clinic. the judge blocked the law last week, saying state's can't place substantial obstacles to women seeking abortions. it's a bit of a medical mystery. we investigate why eating fruits and vegetables can make such a difference for certain women. and the official high temperatures are in. then we'll go to the five-day forecast and look for what is going to be a pretty significant cooling trend. a dry cleaner closes for weeks with no notice and no way for customers to get their clothes. we did some digging. what we found out. who says there's no such thing as a free ride? the push today to make it happen and who qualifies for
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the perk. and who is bending over backwards for teens. tonight at 6. ggs sunny side-up. no, umm, over-easy. the $4 everyday value slam. one of 4 great choices for $4 off the 2-4-6-8 value me only at denny's. oneday twoday threeday
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bay area researchers presented new findings today that affect three out of every four women. those findings concern hot flashes and night sweats for menopause. our health insider is here now with how women can significantly reduce their symptoms. john? >> reporter: exactly why is a mystery. but eating fresh fruits and vegetables and a low-fat diet appears key to reducing menopause symptoms. three out of four women can expect, after age 40 or so... >> lots of things that are really uncomfortable. things like hot flashes, moods up and down, swings, and mood swings. >> i had mainly hot sweats, you know, in the evening. >> reporter: a new study of 17,000 women showed those so- called motor symptoms disappeared for most who simply
5:44 pm
last ten pounds. but only when on a low-fat, high-fiber diet. >> i didn't have night sweats. >> reporter: kaiser researchers said losing weight wasn't enough. >> we don't really know how diet helps symptoms. more research needs to be done. >> reporter: she says exercise helped weight loss, but without the healthy diet, menopause symptoms remained. some women say hot flashes and night sweats can last a decade. i'm john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. drinking alcohol in moderate amounts may improve a woman's bone health. subjects drank one or two drinks away had no history of fractures and were not using hormone replacement therapy. the team measured their blood and found out that when women
5:45 pm
stopped drinking, bone injuries increased. when they started drinking again, the markers returned to previous levels. a sacramento lawsuit alleges hyundai misled buyers about gas mileage capabilities. a consumer watch dog joins in the lawsuit. the suit claims hyundai aggressively pitched its 40- gallon a mile car in advertisements without a government-mandated disclosure that the estimate is for highway driving only. hundred defends it. a new database is designed to make it easier to keep track of military awards. the defense department hopes to create a searchable history of medals. veterans groups say that might help stop stol the valor, when people lie about receiving military honors.
5:46 pm
>> in the computer age, it should not be that difficult for the defense department to take ownership of their medals. >> the u.s. supreme court recently struck down a law that made lying about military decorations a crime. the 20 million homes that subscribe to directv are losing some of their channels. last night, directv dropped 17 channels owned by viacom. that came after the two companies couldn't agree on a new contract. the dropped channels include comedy channel and mtv. as of tonight, there are no signs an agreement is close. a survey out today lists the september 11 attacks as the most memorable television event for the last 50 years. they surveyed 12,000 people and asked them their perceptions of which events were most memorable. hurricane katrina came in
5:47 pm
second with the o. j. simpson murder victim was third. the kennedy assassination came in at 15. let's go back to our weather now over to our chief meteorologist. you were saying this is definitely the hottest day of the year so far? >> by leaps and bounds. unofficial numbers have the livermore fire station coming up with 107 degrees. so it's hot. the official reading is about 1 03. so we go outside and show you the fog right along the coast. that fog is going to start pushing further inland as we go through the next couple of days. so that marks a cooling trend. the fog has been this way along the coast. it's right at the coast. you go two blocks east or inland and it's warming up and clearing up. the fog is going to be right at the coast tonight. tomorrow we're looking for temperatures to be not as hot as they were today. the air had been compressed. the fog bank has been pushed
5:48 pm
behind. so here's a live camera shot depicting the same thing. there's the golden gate bridge. you're seeing the fog. see how low it is? it's getting a little thicker. come back to the graphic. we're going to look at tomorrow and the next few days. that fog, which we see getting thicker, is going to start to stretch out and go up over the coastal hills. that's the bay area's natural air conditioning. that's the mechanism that will cool us off and help with the fire danger. it starts tomorrow. it will cool a bit tomorrow but the real cooling will happen friday, saturday and sunday. you'll notice that it's a little cooler tomorrow. but further cooling on friday. we'll see temperatures tomorrow in the upper 90's but most of us will feel a good five, ten degrees of cooling. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. 94 in -- 100 in livermore.
5:49 pm
most of the cooling is going to occur right around the bay where temperatures in san jose in the upper 80's. 97 in gilroy. then along the peninsula and the coast, you've got the fog. the five-day forecast shows that cooling that we'll have. there's the golden gate bridge. tomorrow, it gets a little thicker and a little cooler. the next day it gets really thick, and a lot cooler. you can just look at that bridge and do a weather forecast just from looking at the bridge. a country singer is apologizing for two things he did while singing in the national anthem. plus, take a look at this building's color has some people seeing red. the paint job protest launched
5:50 pm
over this not-so-mellow yellow. and you can download our mobile app and you can watch any ktvu newscast live.
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country singer luke brian apologized today for his performance at the national anthem at last night's all-star game. in a series of tweets, brian admitted that he checked his
5:53 pm
hand for the lyrics and also looked at his watch while he was singing. he said that he was worried he would mess up the words. people who live near a brand-new library in san jose are complaining about the bright yellow color. the 7.5 million dollar library is set to open next may but it's already getting an awful lot of attention. people are calling it an eyesore because of the color of the exterior paint. >> i think any color would have been better than the yellow. the yellow looks too industrialized. >> an online survey shows the majority of people want the building repainted and that the top choice for the new color is gray. it would cost $15,000 for a new paint job. for the last two years, the sparkling wine grape harvest began in september. this year, they say warm days
5:54 pm
and cool nights will give them a more normal schedule. they say temperatures are the warmest since 2006. they're now expecting the harvest to begin in mid-august this year. the 2012 olympics are now just a couple of weeks away. final preparations are underway in london with some very heavy security that actually includes surface- to-air missiles. >> reporter: some folks living near the olympic park in london are getting new neighborhoods. it's not the world-class athletes set to infiltrate the city for the 2012 game. it's a slew of surface-to-air missiles. they lost a court battle to prevent the military from stationing the missiles on the roof. >> the ministry of defense now has the power to militarize the
5:55 pm
homes of persons in britain so long as they can demonstrate it's a matter of national security. >> we have always believed that an englishman's home was his council, not a military base. >> reporter: they say the military presence would make the residents more secure, not less. attorneys are considering an appeal. >> we are very disappointed at the decision. we must now look at whether there is to be an appeal, an immediate and swift appeal. >> reporter: this location is one of six the military will use to station the missiles during the olympics. opening ceremonies of the games take place on july 27. in new york, fox news. the reverend jesse jackson spoke out today about his son's medical condition. u.s. congressman jesse jackson jr. has been on a leave of absence. today his father said that the
5:56 pm
congressman is under medical supervision and is regaining his strength. jesse jackson jr.'s medical problems have been shrouded in mystery. his office has said he suffers from exhaustion, physical and emotional ailments. temperatures heated up in the bay area today. coming up, the hot spots and how residents are coping with this heat. and there was no notice and no note left behind. the mysterious closure of a san francisco shop and why dozens of customers keep showing up every day to knock on the door.
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it is the hottest day of the year, and bay area residents are beating the heat with water, sunscreen and plenty of shade. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we have live team coverage of the peak of this heat wave. patti lee is across the county, where temperatures topped 100 degrees. first to our chief meteorologist who has a look at all of the shot spots. it was the hottest day of the year by far today. we had a reading at livermore of 107 degrees. the official from the national weather service at livermore,
5:59 pm
104. were there any records? no. but look at the heat. current temperatures outside, still hot, 101 in fairfield. 101 in livermore. but patti lee is out in the concord area, one of the hottest spots we've seen in the area. patti? >> reporter: it is still hot out here right now, and thousands of people flocked here to water world california to escape the scorching heat and the triple-digit temperatures. it's about to close for the day. in a few minutes, lifeguards and parents are going to have to convince very reluctant children that it's time to go home. beating the heat required taking extreme measures. and on one of the hottest days of the year, thousands took staying hydrated to another level. it was a day for dirty, difficult work, like cleaning up the boulevard. >> i'm doing this because of


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